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Holidays are fun and joyful but also a busy time when focus is on family and friends. The budgets are stretched out for gift giving and other expenses; balancing between staying warm and cozy all through the winter holidays and managing bills becomes a bit inconvenient to homeowners or rather difficult. Nevertheless, it will be managed. How? You can read the blog below as here AC repair Weston service has clearly stated few tips and tricks to manage both HVAC functioning and maintaining energy bills.

So, let’s get stared…………….

Annual Maintenance

Scheduling annual maintenance is a primary way to keep your unit running fine and smoothly. The certified technicians will dig deeper to find both hidden and visible flaws to tune up your unit to operate much faster, stronger and finer. The annual maintenance also ensures that your unit operates at its best and shouldn’t face any breakdowns.

Programmable Thermostat

No need to pay during times when you are asleep or away. Bring home a thermostat to schedule, to raise or to lower the temperature all through the day and evening. Whatever your family’s schedule, set your thermostat accordingly or change as per your convenience.  It will help you maximize comfort and efficiency and relaxation.


Insulation at home can get weaker over time. There are areas at home such a windows, doors, or other gaps where insulation is required in winter. Try to add layers to your attic to prevent heat transfer between the attic and other areas of your home. The insulation will help retain the warm air inside and will also not allow your HVAC to work under strain.

So those are the tips to keep your HVAC running fine, but there are other safety tips as well to keep everything under control for the holidays.

A sneak peak to safety tips to reduce risks and other hazards during holidays.


Reduce the risk of fire by using flameless candles as they are safer to use to avoid fire risks. And if you use a wood stove or fireplace, then make sure you never leave it unattended.

Water the Tree

If you have just brought a Christmas tree or you have already, then don’t keep it dry as it is a fire hazard. Water it or otherwise, if it stops taking water, then remove it from home.

All and all take care of your HVAC system every month, not just during the holidays. Your HVAC is your driving force behind your activities at home.

Take care and keep it active by taking assistance from AC repair Weston service technicians. Call us all 24*7 for AC and HVAC repairs!