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As the holidays are arriving, everyone is busy doing the stuff of decorating the home. Having twinkle lights, decorating the walls, and garlands for the Christmas tree are few of the things that are pretty obvious for the Christmas celebration.

All this will make the festivity look great during Christmas season. But have you thought about your HVAC system? Will you be taking good care of it? Or have you thought of any safety tips that can help it run safely during the Christmas? To keep your household happy and safe during Christmas, AC maintenance Weston service has mentioned a few safety tips for your HVAC system.

Don’t Cover Thermostat

More often than not, house owners are busy decorating their homes for Christmas. And due to this hastiness, they also cover their thermostat. Now this device is unable at times to read the home temperature which will cause a problem for your unit to function well. This further causes discomfort and uneasiness in your home. You will also get a hike in your energy bills.

Check Electrical System

Wouldn’t it be a joy to see Christmas lights dancing all around your home? But before you decorate your home with lights, it’s better to check lights, chords and electrical system. It is always better to call a licensed technician to inspect the electrical system for any potential issues. Doing so will help you fix the problem on time. This will also help your HVAC system to run better without any unsafety.

Chang Air Filters

Dirty and clogged air filters can cause airflow problems. This can lead to higher energy costs or system failure. Make sure that you replace your air filters on time, which can help you achieve nice airflow, better indoor air quality, and big savings on your bill. This will also help you in having a nice time during Christmas celebration.

Schedule Maintenance

One of the most overlooked things is the HVAC maintenance in Christmas holidays. While the Christmas is the busiest time of the year, don’t forget to give your system due care and attention it deserves. Ask your local technician to inspect, clean, test and service your unit before the festivity begins. After all, your HVAC system needs this gift of servicing during the holiday season.  

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