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Do You Know the Causes Behind Your AC System Shutting Off?

The air conditioning unit is a complex machine which has components that work together to keep your home cool and comfortable. So using your system in the summer to beat the heat and avail more comfort is pretty much obvious. But sometimes when it starts getting shutt off on its own without any visible flaw, then you might get worried that why is it happening? Well! There are some causes which lead it to shut down on its own. To know more about these causes, then read the blog in which the AC repair Weston service has described some of the major causes behind this issue.

Water Overflows from the Condensate Drain

The water drips down into a condensate drain pan when the moisture gets build-up in the AC unit. So the water is pumped out through a drain, but if it is clogged, then it can lead to overflow from the pan. Another reason for the overflow is when the water pump motor gets malfunctioned and is not able to properly drain the water. So to fix this, you should call a technician who cam unclog the drain to get it back on track or repair the water pump motor for draining out the water as it should be.

Faulty Compressor

The compressor is an important component in your AC unit as it is mainly responsible for pumping the refrigerant through the unit. So if it is not working fine or gets faulty, then the refrigerant will not change its state and the unit will shut off. This is the issue that can’t be resolved by the house owner, for which you need to call a technician to resolve it.

Circuit Breaker Gets Tripped

The AC unit has motors that works by fetching a large amount of power due to which it can overload the circuit which in turn causes the breaker to trip. So when you see that your AC unit has been shut off on its own, then check the circuit breaker panel for any of the circuit breaker being tripped or not. So if you see that the circuit breaker is tripped, then reset them before you turn your AC ON.  

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