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How to Know If You Have an Eco-friendly Air Conditioner?

Nowadays, air-conditioning has become a fundamental requirement to live a comfortable life in the summer season. In simple terms, using a cooling system is the only way to overcome the heat of the summers. Taking this into account, it’s no wrong to use an air conditioner in your home, but you should also know that if you are using a cooling system, you are causing damage to our environment. Yes, AC units are unsafe to our environment, which is why we advise you to use an eco-friendly appliance. This is to minimize the harm cause to our environment by your air conditioning system.

According to the experts of AC repair Weston, the word eco-friendly air conditioner stands for a cooling system that can provide the desired temperature in your home without excessive loss of our natural resources. We are here describing the two main characteristics of eco-friendly cooling systems. However, before that, ensure your air conditioner is working well because minor bugs are enough to cause major AC malfunctions. Again, specialists of AC repair Weston can fix your poorly functioning air conditioner.

Let’s now have a look at the two key features that make an air conditioner more eco-friendly.

The Refrigerant Must Not Be Harmful To the Ozone Layer

Electric air conditioners have a chemical compound that transfers the indoor heat outside the user’s room. This chemical compound is commonly known as the refrigerant and you need to make sure that your air conditioner is using a harmless refrigerant to remove the indoor heat. On the off chance that your AC unit has R-22 (Freon), immediately replace it with a safer refrigerant R410A. You may call your air conditioner eco-friendly after that because it won’t be damaging the Ozone Layer of the Earth.

Note: Don’t try to change the refrigerant by yourself unless you are an expert at this.

Power Consumption Should Not Be Excessively High

You can’t say that you are using an eco-friendly air conditioner if its power consumption is unnecessarily very high. This is on the grounds that electricity is a crucial resource and should be used the right way. Keep in mind that excessively high power consumption of a cooling system indicates that there is some problem with one or more integral parts of the machine, which ought to be fixed as soon as possible. Such a situation requires quick assistance from an expert AC technician.

So, you may call your air conditioner eco-friendly if it has a safer refrigerant and it doesn’t consume excessive electricity.

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