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Cold weather can get you down or feel uncomfortable at times. But this doesn’t mean you have to suffer in this weather condition at home. Instead, take preventive measures to maximize heating efficiency of your HVAC system and avail more warmth out of it. But how? That is what you must be wondering! Well! Read the blog further as here AC maintenance Weston service has come up with some powerful tips to help you in maximizing the efficiency of your HVAC unit.

Routine Maintenance

All repair service providers for both AC and HVAC units always tell their customers to go for routine maintenance. But hardly do customers adhere to this useful tip. And in turn faces trouble with their units for one or the other problem. What is the solution then? Well! Nothing just adhere to routine maintenance. This will help strengthen the unit and give it a new life to work better with enhanced efficiency.


Whether you are running HVAC for your office or for your home, in both cases keep windows closed when there is no requirement. Because it reduces heating efficiency of your unit as the outside air will interfere the functioning of your unit and will cause trouble for it. The more you draw air from outside, the more it affects your heating equipment.

Change Furnace Filter

Changing a furnace filter could save up to a certain percentage of energy consumption. Because if you don’t change the filter of your furnace, it can result in slowing down the airflow and will be more time-consuming to pump air throughout your home. Energy Star recommends replacing air filters once every three months. Once you do it, your equipment will work better with enhanced efficiency.

Employing all these tips will certainly fix heating efficiency and may be maximize efficiency of your HVAC to work better and finer.

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