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Obvious Reasons for AC Fan Not Spinning

The AC is a useful machine that when get malfunctioned not only brings down the scheduled activities but also lowers the spirit of the house owner. With this being said, there are many areas in an air conditioner that when gets faulty will eventually lead the AC system not to function in an adequate manner and one of the important parts of an AC is the fan which is found in both condenser unit and the air handler. Both these fans found in the condenser unit and in the air handler works in tandem with the AC to make the house cool and comfortable. Now when such an important part becomes irregular or running slow or fast then as a house owner you should look out at the most obvious reasons listed here in this blog by air conditioning repair Weston for your reference.

Fan Motor Problems

Both the fans have their motors and the motor issue can be occurred in any motor. Normally it is noticed that the problem occurs with the wiring of the motor which is there to power up the motor for functioning. So as a house owner you get the motor checked at regular intervals of time by the air conditioning repair Weston service as issue related to the motor like in the wiring, operating issue can occur in both the peak and off peak seasons.

Fan Belts Problem

Over time the air conditioner may become less consistent or face wear and tear issues due to which the fan belts have to suffer from the malfunctioning or the fan belts become distorted or cracked which eventually result in dysfunction the fan and don’t allow the fan to blow air. The fan belt issues can’t be fixed but the better way is to replace it with a new fan belt.

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