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Some Obvious Reasons for Getting the AC to Frozen Up

Now this is quite obvious to think when your air conditioner gets frozen even on a hot day in summer. Reasons could be many for an AC system to get frozen up, but you need to find out what exactly goes wrong with your AC unit. In order to make you aware about the reasons that cause an AC to freeze up, AC repair Weston has listed out a few very obvious reasons for an air conditioner to accumulate ice on it.


Do you know that the major cause of the AC to get frozen up is because of refrigerant issues and many house owners ignore it or just don’t notice it, if there is refrigerant shortage then it might be because of improper charging of the refrigerant at the time of installation or there is some leak due to which the refrigerant is leaking. Irrespective of the reason, the refrigerant shortage is not good and it affects the evaporator coil and make it to accumulate ice when the pressure drops from the normal level.

Blocked Return Registers

This is quite obvious for a house owner to keep the registers shut down if there is no use of it especially in unused homes but do you know that the registers should be shut up to one -fourth level else the airflow gets restricted and thereby cause the AC to get frozen up. So the main point is that the house owner should keep the registers shut only at the one-fourth level else the AC get frozen up.

Now these are the two most obvious reasons depicted by AC repair Weston for an air conditioner to get frozen up.

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