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The weather is about to change, and so do we all. Cold will settle slowly and steadily, making all of us feel the vibe of it. Hence, it’s time now to get off your air conditioner and start readying your heat pump unit. But what about your AC security? Don’t you want it to remain safe all through the fall and then during winter? You must be, right? Also, storing your air conditioning in the best way will make you use it in the upcoming warm season stress-free. To make sure your unit is safe and secure over the fall and winter, here are a few tips summarized by AC repair Weston service in this blog.

Check for Any Damage

Just check your unit for any type of damage before you use it for the next season. Are there any dents or rust? If so, repair them before you store it in the fall. It will even be better if you repair it at regular intervals of time. Maintaining so will make it strong to work for the next season.  

Find a Good Place to Store It

Best place to store it in the dry, clean areas such as attic or basement. Don’t store it in the garage as it is not recommended. This is because rodents or pests can interfere with your unit. The small insects can even chew on wiring and can cause damage.

Use Original Box

Well! It would be nice to store it in the original box, if possible, as it helps protect the unit from dust and debris. But not to worry if you don’t have an original box as you can use a garbage bag to protect it from dust and can keep it secure throughout fall season.

These are a few best tips that work best for keeping your AC system secure in winter. For efficient functioning of your cooling units, it is always feasible to go for timely preventive checks to avoid normal wear and tear. This way you can work up to let your AC work for the next warm season after fall and winter.

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